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Our Range of Services

Path light

Path Light

Our handcrafted brass and copper LED outdoor lighting fixtures will be used to transform your exterior pathways, walkways, and driveway into illuminated areas that eliminate dark and scary night time spaces.

Bracket / Hardscape Light

Our hardscape lighting elevates your outdoor living space with low profile lighting that adds dimension to tight areas. Creating a space that helps highlight the natural beauty of your outdoors makes your evening entertaining or relaxing under the stars much more enjoyable.

Recessed Light

Besides being functional, Our recessed lighting design adds aesthetics to your home. There are several choices of recessed lighting available. Pick from different trims shapes, colors and finishes. Our recessed lights are LED lights, which last longer and use less electricity.



Whether you're looking to enhance your home's landscape, improve its curb appeal, or add to its nighttime security, MR16 lights will help you achieve the look and feel you desire.



Our floodlight lighting design takes into consideration all local factors such as the size of the area to be floodlit, the position of any adjacent housing,, the local terrain, height restrictions and availability of electrical supply. Prior to installation we will meet with you and describe the installation process so that you will be aware of time scales and activities.

Moon Lighting

Our Moon Lighting professional helps you recreate the soft feel of a moonlit night, with robust, weatherproof, and innocuous fixtures that project a soft, white color. Just as important are the proper placement and installation of the fixtures. We provide the long-lasting LED lights you will want for this magical effect, plus the expertise in moon-lighting design and installation.

Deck Lights

Deck lights not only allow you to use your outdoor spaces late into the evening but also increase the safety and security of your backyard. Our expert designers can inspect your property and point out areas that could benefit from additional lighting and make other recommendations.